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Do you want to learn to communicate better?


Do you have a speaking engagement and want to build confidence around your presentation?


Do you want to build confidence in who you are?


Who Am I?

As a speaking coach, I am like a skilled navigator, guiding you through the tumultuous seas of public speaking with expertise and assurance. I work meticulously, identifying your unique strengths and areas for improvement, turning nervous stutters into confident strides. Through my seasoned perspective, I help unravel the complexity of effective communication, breaking it down into manageable, actionable steps. I equip you with strategies to handle the unpredictable nature of live audiences, transforming anxiety into excitement, and apprehension into engagement. I don't just polish your delivery; I delve deeper, helping you to connect authentically with your message and your audience. I challenge you to push beyond your comfort zone, to discover your authentic voice, and to convey your ideas with clarity and conviction. In doing so, I transform the daunting task of public speaking into a powerful opportunity for personal growth and connection. The journey with me is one of transformation, where the end result is not just about speaking well, but about communicating with purpose, passion, and poise. Through my guidance, you don't just speak to be heard; you learn to speak to make a difference.

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*Some of my clients remain private


Miguel, The Fierce Communicator, is by far one of the best motivational speakers we've had, he really hit it out of the park with our sales department. The way he is able to not only communicate, yet teach communication techniques was very impressive. He’s spot on when it comes to the challenge everyone faces for improving communication, and he offers advice that is both practical and solid. The response from our team after the meeting was AMAZING, they were all ready to hit the phones with real passion and conviction in all they do. We plan to book The Fierce Communicator to kick-off each quarter with the right mindset to communicate with each other and clients effectively.

Andrew Zurita

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