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Fierce Communicator is just one of the companies part of the New Zion Inc. family. We focus on building companies and partnerships that inspire change in society and help the community live strong, healthy lives. New Zion creates companies that aren't the big box corporations that feed the machine of government or fund the organizations that cause more harm than good. We focus on building companies that fuel and fund organizations that bring people together, that create better communities and change lives for the better. 


Inspiro Systems

This is a merchant services and credit card processing company. We specialize in B2B and B2C businesses that either need to take credit cards, online or in person. We also offer the cheapest rates out of most processors, especially if you are a high volume company. We exist so that you don't have to process with Square, Stripe, PayPal or Quickbooks which are some of the most woke companies out there. Click the image to get more info

Switch With Fierce

Shop America. This is a health and wellness business that specializes in American Made products. Instead of throwing your money at Target, Walmart or some other big box corp that donates to all kinds of evil organizations, why not shop American Made Products? This company was offered over $700 Million to sell out, but instead they said no. This is where you want to send your money. Click the image to get more info!


More to come..

We are in the process of building partnerships with multiple companies and new opportunities.

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