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Chasing Smoke

Chasing Smoke

Have you ever wanted something more in your life?

What about all the wonderful things the world has promised you OR that you keep trying to manifest? Isn’t it time you receive them?


You may find yourself looking for another book that will expand your mind, change your habits, and build your momentum to a better life. You may look at all the books on your bookshelf and, before you know it, you seek out yet another book in your quest for answers.


But what if you really didn’t need all those books? What if those books were just extra, just the icing on the cake of what you really needed? Everyone takes a journey, but personal development can’t be rushed—and it can’t be faked.


That is what Chasing Smoke is all about. It details a journey of personal growth that extends beyond the popular books that everyone has read. After all, what if The Secret wasn’t really a secret? Are you willing to find out?

  • These are signed copies!

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