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30 Days of Life Kids Cards

30 Days of Life Kids Cards

There is so much to be said about the power of words and the effects of those words on our minds, especially the minds of children. The Bible is full of life and so much of that has been lost, especially to young kids. 30 Days of Life are affirmations that are easy to remember and will instill life into your kids. Why are these affirmations so important and powerful? Every affirmation comes straight from the Bible. Whether or not you believe in God or the Bible, it doesn’t change how much He believes in you and your kids.

In a society where everything is against raising a positive child with a strong mindset, it is up to us to equip them to fight on their own and use their minds as a weapon. If we equip them with a strong identity now they will not doubt who they are later. Speak the cards over them or they can read them for themselves.

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