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Make a Smart Declaration

It’s July! January is the typical season of goals, dreams, and resolutions, but what happens to them by July? Granted, this is one weird and unique July, because of the circumstances, but did that completely kill your ability to plan or shift your goals? When it comes to making declarations over you, over your life, or over other’s lives it may not always coincide with the best of situations. This is why it is relevant to make a SMART declaration. No, I am not talking about the typical S.M.A.R.T goal setting acronym. I am talking about being smart with your declaration. Three quick tips for making declarations you can stick to.

Don’t Make Emotional Declarations

First, don’t make an emotional declaration! Doing anything while you're emotional can have interesting outcomes, but making a declaration over yourself in an emotional frenzy may not always turn out the best. As an example, my wife recently told me of a post she read of a girl asking for tofu recipes, because she is going vegan keto. What!!??? That’s not real life, I am sorry, but those are, literally, the two most conflicting diets in existence. This was all in the name of wanting to lose weight, because she felt fat.

When you declare something over your life you have to see beyond the immediate change and look at what it will mean to you in 5 or 10 years from now. What does that look like? It’s saying, “ I will constantly seek new opportunities for financial growth.” It’s saying declarations that you can apply to your future not just your now.

Make Declarations that Fit Who You Are

Next, make a declaration that fits who you are! Oh, this one is so important. You cannot set goals, state affirmations or make declarations over yourself that don’t fit the vision of who you are! This is important! Everyone is meant to prosper financially, but not everyone is meant to make it the same way. Your mold is unique to you. You cannot declare financial prosperity over your life and pursue a goal that does not fit the vision or build of who you are. You’re pursuing owning your own business declaring financial prosperity over your life when your skills, strengths and passions are flourishing another person’s ideas. Hear me! That doesn’t mean you can’t have your own business helping others with their ideas, but I am also saying that the last time I checked, the right hand man to the CEO of Microsoft is living just fine.

You declare health and fitness over your life, but then chase being a crossfit athlete when you hate lifting weights and have the build of a giraffe. Again, not saying it’s not possible, but you have an innate desire inside of you to cycle. You can bike for days. So make a declaration of health and fitness in pursuit of riding everyday.

A declaration over your life can be general or specific. If you’re going to make it general, you will always have to keep in mind an action that strengthens the mindset behind that declaration, otherwise you will get discouraged.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Now

Lastly, declarations aren’t always for the NOW. This is something you want to consider. With all things there is a process. Miracles are one of the areas that voids process, but most things, even the best of declarations and mindsets put in motion a process that unveils the outcome over time.

If I wake up and say, “Money is a tool. My mindset on money has shifted and I have a healthy relationship with it. Money is attracted and drawn to me.” I will not wake up the next morning with $100,000 in my bank account from my job at the car wash, BUT it will set in motion my mindset around money, in which I work harder at my job at the car wash, which allows me to get more tips, save, help others get more tips, tithe more and eventually start a side business cleaning and stocking the towels for the car wash and in turn saving $100,000. Do you see the difference?

Declarations are said today to start working tomorrow. You start now, so the process can start now and the outcome can show up sooner. The mistake many people make is they speak prosperity, health, wealth, and love over their life, but stop because the results were not quick enough, not realizing that what they spoke unlocked a process that they have to feed every day until it shows and even after it shows up.

Declarations and affirmations are crucial to how you think and in turn to how you live. Make good ones! Think about your skills, your strengths and the vision for your life. Then you can be in a good focused state, which will allow you to think about declarations that fit who you are and who God made you to be and you will have peace in the process.

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