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Agree, You’re Weak… Disagree, You’re Wrong

Let me get the trigger words out of the way. Bigot, racist, homophobe, transphobe, misogynist, Non-progressive, and I am sure there are some really interesting names that I have missed or just haven't heard of yet. I wanted to start with those first to set the tone for how you will view this blog post, because to agree with what I write you will be one of those, but to disagree you will also be one of those. Seems unfair doesn’t it? Where some may call it unfair, I will call it illogical, yet it is the thinking of today that drives this article forward.

To start, where are we headed? What do you do when you live in a society that will apply pressure on your stance until you break and when you do, condemn you for it? They call for conformity, but then criticize your change in stance claiming you were never true to your stance to begin with. So where do we go from here?

I dare to say that the only way to break this cycle is to fully commit to where you stand, whether right or wrong. Before you get all worked up on the “wrong” part, understand that the point is to have a solidified stance. When someone sways easily on their opinion, it creates a pocket for feelings and although feelings are a part of who we are, feelings should not drive our beliefs. Today, feelings drive almost every argument, debate, and conversation on social media and it shows over and over in the comments. A person will disagree to the extent it doesn’t cost them their reputation or their feelings, but as soon as it gets hard or the heat is too much they will cave. I want to point out that there is a difference in a person’s stance changing because valid points, facts and experience caused someone to change their stance versus someone flipping back and forth because the opposition put too much pressure. Everyday more and more arguments and points of view are made, but it seems more and more that the responses are getting worse. There is more reaction to remarks, videos and conversations than debate and rationale. So if we could just get to a point where someone held a stance because of reason, then it would allow us to debate with reason and have a better outcome.

I enjoy good conversations. I actually enjoy the tough conversations that challenge my perspective, bring awareness to situations that I may not have known and even question my beliefs. If we can get ourselves to a place where we stand true to a belief because of reason, logic, faith, experience and facts, I believe that it will be the beginning of people being able to bring truth, with conviction and others hearing it out. I believe we will start to change how people react and get them to listen and respond; if we learn how to properly form opinions and beliefs. Overall, the definition of the hypocrite will get back to what it originally meant and society will get to a place that a good conversation is always welcomed. That is my hope anyway.


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